Success Stories

“After a knee operation to perform a lateral release and two months of physical therapy, I still did not have the strength I needed to ski for extended periods of time. I had been watching Dan for several months as he worked with clients and was impressed by his genuine dedication to fitness training.  Dan has a very friendly personality and enjoys humor and at the same time he is highly focused during the training sessions.
I decided to sign up for training, with the primary intent of strengthening my leg muscles, and see what progress I could make before ski season. After skiing for two weeks in Switzerland I was very pleased with the improved level of control that I had in my legs with minimal knee discomfort. There is no doubt that without his training I could not have lasted two weeks without serious pain medication.
 I also found that Dan is quite knowledgeable regarding nutrition. Although I am very cautious about what I eat, I was surprised to learn that some items in my diet where not as nutritional as I thought. My advice to anyone considering a fitness trainer is to spend time talking with Dan before making a selection.”
-Alan S.
“While wintering in Florida, a couple of years ago, I wanted to take tennis lessons because I love running in the sun and hitting balls.  I quickly realized I needed to get in shape, and stronger, since I was so out of breath and my back and knees were in pain.  My husband had been working out with Dan for a few years, and suggested I try going to the gym to train with them.   Panic set in.  I always thought the gym was the scariest place in the world and I had no idea what to expect while working out with a personal trainer.
Dan turned out to be really nice and a great teacher, not scary at all.  The routines he teaches are very comprehensive and science based, working all the muscles of the body.  He stresses the importance of proper nutrition and has many tips to achieve it.  Dan even successfully motivates me to include cardio in my workouts.
Now, I love working out and find it interesting and challenging.  I can play tennis without pain and have lots of energy to run around the court.  If only I could win a match; however, lack of fitness is not my problem!”
-Penny P.
 “Dan is brilliant for his ability to facilitate an understanding of attaining a healthy lifestyle.  His passion to help his clients become fit is powerful.   He has patiently guided me to live an active and balanced life through strength and cardiovascular training, as well as clean eating.  Without Dan, I would still be wasting my time, money, and mental stability while falling for the detrimental cycle of dieting.  From Weight Watchers, Atkin’s, and South Beach, to the Cookie Diet…I had tried it all.  NEVER AGAIN, will I diet.  I am confident that I will always love maintaining this healthy way of life and I appreciate Dan for orchestrating his magic.”
-Rachel S.
“When I started competing in triathlons at age 65, I realized that strength training was necessary to prevent injuries.  After researching several different trainers, I chose Dan.  Why?  Not only did he graduate from Merrimack College with a BS in Sports Medicine, but he was an athlete and had taken several advanced courses after his degree in fitness and nutrition.  I’ve been training with Dan for six years and continue to compete in triathlons.  You can be assured that your training with be challenging regardless of your age and condition, but never beyond your capabilities and you will always look forward to your next session. 
I travel to different locations every winter and Dan researches the facilities and trainers in that area and coordinates my training to be a seamless transition.  I would recommend Dan to anyone looking to start or continue a training regiment that will be specifically tailored to you.”
-Tom Q.
 Dear Dan:
I just returned from my annual physical with excellent results!  My physician attributed much of my good health to my regular exercise program with you. 
I commend you for looking after this portion of my life, three times a week, for the last five years.  You have managed to keep the routines varied and interesting while producing a level of fitness that allows me to participate in more activities than almost all of my contemporaries.
As I am now 71, I am also grateful that your knowedge of correct technique and ability to set ambitious, but realistic goals has allowed me to stay injury free during our work together.  Unfortunately, even you cannot turn me into a 35 year old.  I am amazed by the number of people I know who have been injured attempting that very miracle.
Once again, Dan, please accept my sincere thanks.  I look forward to working with you for many years to come. 
-Walter F.
“After suffering a heart attack, Dan cautiously helped me get back up to speed. By educating me in proper nutrition and exercise, he helped to ease my fear of potentially suffering another attack. To this day I follow his eating advice and understand how important a role food plays in my health and success.
Dan has very unique and positive qualities as an exercise physiologist. He is well-educated in his field of expertise, patient, supportive, is cautious to not overwork and is very sensitive to his client’s needs. Having observed him with a wide variety of clients, he has the ability to work well with all of them, and they keep coming back.
I have been training with Dan since 2007 and he continues to challenge me, beyond what I thought I was capable of. He is an excellent trainer and I would recommend him to anyone without any reservations.”
-Eric S.


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