Form Matters

Have you ever found yourself at the gym looking at someone’s training technique and wonder what muscle group he is supposed to be working?  Or — where did she get THAT exercise from?   Individuals have good intentions when they join the gym because they want to become healthier; however, most do not know how to obtain positive results without seeking help from a fitness professional.

If health is your number one priority, then proper form while strength training should be synonymous with that in order to achieve fitness success.  Too many people create bad workout habits which can eventually lead to strained, pulled or torn muscles — or even worse, chronic injury.  Proper movement patterns result in greater mobility and stability, while limiting negative energy being used due to inefficient training.

There is science behind every exercise movement to create minimal stress on the bones and joints.  It does not mean it is beneficial for you (or even safe) just because your friend tells you to do it, or you saw someone who looks fit perform it, or you read about it in a magazine.  Also, it does not matter how much weight is on the bar or how big the dumbbells are; if your form is not there, you are not getting fit by reinforcing dysfunction.

Some might think machines are safer to use than free weights because they guide you through the range of motion; but if not properly adjusted or positioned, they become even more detrimental.  Unfortunately, pictures depicted on the machines do not fully explain how to accurately situate your body or move the weight stack.   

Whether you are a novice or have lifted your whole life, it is never too early or too late to learn proper technique. Lifting weights is necessary to maximize lean muscle; nonetheless, with an increase in weight comes a difficulty in maintaining proper form.  Let Sea Change Fitness & Nutrition give you knowledge to minimize injury and maximize results.  Contact Dan at (978) 807-8579 or visit to gain knowledge and achieve optimal health.

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