The Truth About Spot Reduction

One of the questions I most often get asked as a trainer is, I want to lose fat in my (fill in the blank with the body part). Can you show me which exercises will do this? My response usually is, “I can show you all the exercises I know for that particular area, but unfortunately I’d be doing you a disservice.”

The idea that exercising a certain area in order to lose fat, is one of the biggest misconceptions in fitness. Research has proven time and time again, that spot reduction just doesn’t work. Unfortunately, the majority of the weight loss market thrives on this concept, preying on the uneducated consumer who is looking for a quick fix.

Want to get leaner? I’ve found the secret formula, but you have to promise not to tell anyone. The 3 key factors to your success, when it comes to fat loss are: 1. Resistance Training 2. Cardio 3. Nutrition. What….that’s it? Some may say, “well, I already know that.” To know it is one thing, but to understand the science behind how each one plays an important role in our success or failure, when it comes to fat loss or gain, is a completely different story. The key is to educate yourself in each of these areas. You will have limited success by doing just one, without the others. Proper form and amount of weight lifted, during resistance training, where your heart rate is vs. where it should be, during your cardio session, how many calories you’re consuming and where they’re coming from (carbs?, fats?, proteins?) are just a few of the factors to consider, when it comes to losing fat in those trouble areas.

So the next time you think about, lying down on that abdominal bench to get that six-pack, sitting down on the hip abduction and adduction machines, to slim down your inner and outer thighs, or doing 100 tricep extensions to get rid of those “lunch lady arms,” just remember….You Can’t Target Fat Loss!

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