Strength Training: It’s Never Too Late To Start–You Just Need Direction

My clients quite frequently express to me that they wish they had started strength training ten, twenty, thirty… years before they did. They all had various reasons not to; they were busy with family, work, and life, and/or they lacked motivation. My response to them is always, “better late than never!” The benefits of strength training, as we age, include gaining and/or maintaining lean muscle, strength, power, balance, mobility, coordination and bone density, among other things. Without strength training, these core elements, which are essential for living a healthy lifestyle, will significantly decrease over time.

Strength training not only benefits the general population just looking to be healthier, but also those who want to improve in their particular recreational activities. Whether it be adding more power to your tennis serve, better hand/eye coordination for your golf game, and/or more strength for your bike rides, every athlete can improve.

While strength training, the focus should go beyond gaining lean muscle and/or “toning” in order to help keep your metabolism elevated. You also need/want to be able to do the daily activities that you like to do, whether it be playing sports, gardening, walking the dog, or chasing your kids and grandkids. You have to train your body to move in a way that is conducive to this. That is why choosing the correct exercises and movement patterns while strength training is important to your success as well. You have to train your body for the outside world, beyond the gym setting. It might be great to be able to bench a certain amount of weight or curl so many pounds, but at the end of the day, if your lower back is in pain every time you bend down to pick something up or you can’t hold your own kids or grandkids then “Houston…we have a problem!”

It is unfortunate when people:
• only do cardio and never strength train
• strength train, but have little knowledge in what they’re doing
• don’t strength train anymore because of chronic injuries from years of lifting incorrectly

The solution:
• If you’re not strength training, start.
• If you’re currently strength training, but have no rhyme or reason to your workout, don’t waste valuable time, learn how to train effectively.
• If you’ve battled injury after injury, find out what’s causing your ailment and learn from past mistakes. Strength training done correctly shouldn’t be injurious.

The importance of strength training is not just moving weights around in order to say you lift weights;but, to have a sound approach that will translate well to life’s daily tasks. Want help with your golf game? That tennis serve? Lifting the kids/grandkids without having chronic back pain? Contact Sea Change Fitness & Nutrition to learn how!

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