Food For Thought While Traveling

Does your waist line suffer as much as your sleep while traveling?  Whether for pleasure or business, eating away from the convenience of your home can be challenging.   Let’s face it, eating three meals when you are home can be difficult enough; the last thing you probably focus on in your hectic travels is where your next meal is coming from.  The key to success is preparation.
Make food planning a part of your to-do list before you leave.  Bring along products that are healthy and will last the length of your stay, such as nuts (almonds, walnuts, peanuts, etc.), whey protein powder (don’t forget the shaker), packets of tuna, as well as perishable foods like fresh fruit, vegetables, and 100% whole wheat bread.  These are just a few options of  healthy foods to pack, as there are many more possibilities.  If you’re feeling motivated, and  can tolerate baking, consider making your own  protein bars, granola, and breads to bring along too. (Email me for nutritious recipes.)

To keep perishable foods fresh, seek out accommodations with a fridge; if that’s not possible, ask if there is one you can use.  Worst case scenario, you can purchase a disposable styrofoam cooler and fill it with ice.  (Now, that’s a person who is dedicated to his/her nutrition.)  The best case scenario is to find a place to stay that’s equipped with a kitchen, which opens up limitless healthy cooking possibilities.

When you arrive at your destination, find the local grocery store to stock up if you haven’t come prepared, forgot something, or need anything refrigerated.   When food starts to run low, make another trip at your convenience.  Not only will you save money by not eating out for every meal, you’ll also be consuming much healthier food and your body will thank you!

Nowadays, grocery stores offer a salad bar, fresh cut fruit, and rotisserie chicken to have a quick and healthy meal.  It would be just as efficient to go to the store to get a meal than it would be to wait at the drive-through for a high calorie, and saturated fat, burger with fries (don’t forget to count the calories in that milkshake too).

When dining out, it’s nearly impossible to match the quality and cleanliness of the food compared to that of the grocery store.  Unfortunately, your nutrition is in the hands of the person who is preparing your meal.  His job is to make the meal taste good at a reasonable cost, which most often comes at a price of high calories with poor sources of carbs, proteins, and fats; nonetheless, you can make healthier choices.  For example, you can choose low calorie salad dressing on the side or substitute a vegetable instead of fries…

To eat well when traveling, think ahead and plan accordingly.  Knowing what foods are healthy, as well as having the right amount of good  carbs, proteins, and fats, are essential to maintaining your level of fitness.  Learn more about healthy food options while traveling and which are best paired together to make balanced, nutritious meals by contacting Dan @ (978) 807-8579, or visit

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